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Order your Body off restored E-type or Pagode!

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you know, demand for our high-quality body off restored Jaguar E-Type and Mercedes Benz Pagode cars is very high.
These cars sell almost immediately when they arrive in stock, leaving other customers disappointed because they missed out.
Therefore, our sales team came up with a promotional deal strictly for our ERclassics friends only.
Customers can now order their own customized body off restored Jaguar E-Type or Mercedes-Benz Pagode from us.
We will revise and rebuild the car to your own liking in terms of colour scheme and specifications. Additionally, we can also upgrade the performance, looks, style, etc.

Please understand that quality requires time. Our workshop has a busy schedule so we have to plan orders accordingly.
We would like to make it clear that restoration takes up to at least 12 months or more from the moment you order. If you do not want to wait that long, unfortunately we cannot help you.



Are you interested in ordering a body off restored E-Type or Pagode?
We currently have the following cars in our warehouse available for body off restoration:

  • 6 x Jaguar E-Type S1 cabriolet
  • 4 x Jaguar E-Type S1 coupe (2-seater)
  • 5 x Jaguar E-Type S2 cabriolet
  • 2 x Jaguar E-Type S2 coupe (2-seater)
  • 8 x Mercedes-Benz Pagode 230SL
  • 2 x Mercedes-Benz Pagode 250SL
  • 4 x Mercedes-Benz Pagode 280SL

Payment by instalments depending on the expected duration of the project and the starting price of the projectcar.
During the restoration process you will be updated every month with a full photo report. Your personal contact for the entire duration of the project speaks English, German, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Interested? Please call: +31 416 75 13 93 and ask for Mr. Ernst van Kempen or send an e-mail to attn. Mr. Ernst van Kempen.