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Mercedes-Benz 350SL 3.5 V8 1972


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Mercedes-Benz 350SL 3.5 V8 1972 for sale
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Mercedes-Benz 350SL 3.5 V8 1972 Automatic

- Red leather interior
- 3,459cc V8 engine
- Automatic gearbox
- European version
- Original Mercedes wheelcaps

This Mercedes-Benz 350SL with the 3,459 cc V8 engine and automatic gearbox is in good condition. The 350SL was introduced by Mercedes in 1971 and was the replacement for the legendary Pagoda. This model was built until 1989. The Mercedes-Benz W107 got its world fame through the TV hit series "Dallas" in which Bobby Ewing with a car as sparkled in many living rooms. A car like this will give you that 70s feeling every time you get in and drive. A very comfortable German-quality Cabriolet that can easily be used in modern traffic, but that will tempt you every time to find the curvy country roads.

We can help with transport. Within Europe you do not need to pay any import duties. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.
In some countries we can help with financing. Ask our sales staff.

  • Ref. nr.: m8131
  • make: Mercedes Benz
  • Model: 350SL
  • Year: 1972
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