Sunday June 4 CARS & COFFEE and SHOWROOM EXTRA OPEN (12:00-16:00)

International Autojumble 2021

September 2021

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The world famous International Autojumble is the largest open-air trade show for car articles on this side of the Atlantic. More than 2000 stalls can be found at this unique Beaulieu event. Here you will find all kinds of classic car parts and other items. "If you can't find it on Beaulieu, it doesn't exist!" It is often said. The fair takes place in September 2021.


On the International Autojumble car market, approximately 200 vehicles are offered for sale by private owners. The vintage cars are therefore of all ages and in every condition. Some are unique, others functional. On the "Grand Marquee" there is a 2000 m² covered market space. This offers you the chance to browse through the car articles. Similarly at the dealer market a great selection of vintage cars is offered that come from the classic trade. At the more than 2000 stalls you will find car clutter, automobiles and other car items.


Due to the wide opening times you can look around at this old-timer exhibition. The entrance fees are £ 15.50 for adults and £ 9.90 for children. Parking costs are free. For the address, enter the Beaulieu zip code, SO42 72N, on your navigation system and follow the brown-and-white signs to the exhibition grounds.