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Daimler DB15 Racer 1935

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Daimler DB15 Racer 1935 Boattail

This is a marvellous, great driving, handbuilt 1935 Daimler DB 15 Racer Boattail. The car has the very powerful 2.5 ltr, 6 cyl with double carburettors and 4 speed gearbox with overdrive. The car drives great and thanks to het exhaust system the car makes a great sound (silencer will be delivered with the car). This Daimler has a dark brown colour (almost black), beautiful old details such as original headlights, Brooklands windows etc. Several technical upgrades were made in an aesthetically sound manner, to improve the driving skills of this old racer, such as better brakes and beter schock absorbers. For a lot of years this special car was the property of a private collector and this is the first time in years the car comes on the market to buy. Publication on the car can be removed.

  • Ref. nr.: D1530
  • make: Daimler
  • Model: DB15
  • Year: 1935