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British Autojumble 2026

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British Autojumble 2026

British Autojumble. An event organized at the Lido site in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Every year there are more than 2000 visitors who can visit around 1000 English classic cars. Furthermore, at the British Autojumble, the members of various English car clubs come together to present their great vintage cars. You can also obtain parts for your own classic cars here.

In addition to the vintage cars and parts, the Mardigrass jazz band will be there to take care of the event with their great dixi music. While enjoying the band, there is plenty of opportunity to grab a snack and a drink on the catering square. It's a great day where reunion, fun and recognition are key. The implementation is in the hands of the UK Autojumble team and MGCarclub is responsible for the organisation.

Opening hours British Autojumble 2026

The British Autojumble 2026 is held annually in June. It is a one day event, and you are able to visit the beautiful British cars the entire day.

British Autojumble 2026 entrance fees

Pay for this event? That's superfluous. The British Autojumble is free to visit in the Lido Park in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.