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AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2022

August 2022

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Thanks to more than 60,000 spectators and the breathtaking starting field, the AvD Old-timer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany is one of the largest and most popular classic car events in the world. The 7 decades of motorsport history lets you experience a spectacular and unique journey. This event will be held in August 2022.


There are around 500 racing cars ranging from the end of the twentieth to the beginning of the eighth century. These ensure a virtual time travel during the event. 75 minutes of qualifying and 180 minutes of racing are held on the Friday of the AvD weekend. This takes into account the times of the rest of the program.


You can quietly look around and enjoy the races and classic cars due to the wide opening hours. The event takes place at the Nordschleife & Grand-Prix-Strecke. For an entrance ticket you pay around € 28 for Friday, € 44 for Saturday and € 42 for Sunday. You pay € 65 for a weekend ticket. Check the official website for further information.