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Auto Moto Depoca 2026

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Auto Moto Depoca 2026

More than 120,000 classic car enthusiasts travel to Padua every year to enjoy Auto Moto Depoca. Auto Moto Depoca is the most important Italian show of vintage cars and motorcycles. In a space of more than 90,000 m2, around 5000 cars are exhibited for you. In addition, there are also 500 motorcycles that you can view. If you have questions about certain vehicles, you can ask your questions to one of the 1600 exhibitors present.

Opening hours Auto Moto Depoca 2026

Auto Moto Depoca takes place in October. The event runs from Thursday to Sunday. The event opens at 9am and closes at 7pm every day. Due to these extended opening hours, you have more than enough time to view and possibly buy all cars, motorcycles and parts.

Entrance fees Auto Moto Depoca 2026

A day ticket for Auto Moto Depoca costs between 20 and 30 euros. Children between the ages of 13 and 17 cost between 15 and 20, and if you are under 13 you get free entry. In addition, combi tickets are also available. This allows you to attend the event for several days for a lower price than if you bought the tickets separately. Would you like to go to the preview on Thursday? Then you have to buy a separate ticket that costs between 45 and 50 euros.

Make it a weekend

Since Auto Moto Depoca 2026 is a multi-day event, and there is too much to do for one day, it's a great idea to make it a long weekend. This not only allows you to view all the splendor of Auto Moto Depoca at your leisure, it also allows you to enjoy beautiful Italy. On the Auto Moto Depoca site you can see several hotels and B&Bs that are recommended.