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All proceeds of this MGB will go to World Cancer Research Fund

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We have been the authority in the Netherlands for 25 years for nutrition, physical exercise, body weight and cancer.

In the Netherlands there are several organizations that focus on cancer. That is beautiful, because cancer affects us all.
The World Cancer Research Fund is the only cancer fund that converts knowledge from research into guidelines - and practical and motivating advice - for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our dream and ambition is a world without cancer. We believe that through healthy choices in diet and lifestyle less people get cancer, more people survive cancer and the quality of life during and after cancer increases.

What are we doing?
We help people make choices in their diet and lifestyle to be stronger against cancer, through research, information and policy influencing.

Understand cancer better
• We encourage and finance scientific research into the relationship between diet, exercise, body weight and cancer.
• We analyze and interpret all available scientific evidence in this field.

Sharing and applying knowledge
• We provide information about the choices people can make in their diet and lifestyle to stand stronger against cancer.
• We influence policy to turn healthy choices into easy choices.

There is so much to achieve together
More knowledge and education about nutrition and lifestyle in relation to cancer is of vital importance. Do you help?
Go to and support us

More information about the World Cancer Research Fund can be found at

About the international World Cancer Research Fund network
The World Cancer Research Fund is part of the renowned World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) network.
This network is an international partnership between charitable institutions that work globally in the prevention and survival of cancer through healthy diet and lifestyle.