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Days of Elegance 2023

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Days of Elegance 2023

2022 was the first year that InterClassics Days of Elegance was held, and it was an instant success. The aim of this event is to become the most luxurious car event in the Netherlands.

Various events can be seen during Days of Elegance. For example, on Saturday there is the 'Concours of Elegance'. Here the most exclusive classic cars are presented in various categories and judged by an internationally nominated jury. There are also various rallies on Saturday, including the Classic Rally & GT Rally. You can also participate if you own a classic car or a modern super-car. The day will be concluded with the 'Night of Elegance'. This is a gala evening at Chateau St. Gerlach, The Netherlands.
During Days of Elegance, not only the most exclusive old-timers are offered, but also the classics of the future. In addition, you can also enjoy culinary delights in the restaurant of Chateau St. Gerlach, where all ingredients are sourced locally or harvested from the gardens of the estate.

Opening hours Days of Elegance 2023.

Days of Elegance is a two-day event held on June 3 & 4. The day starts at ten in the morning and ends at six in the evening. However, on Saturday evening there is the 'Night of Elegance' gala which starts at 19:30. Due to these extended opening hours you have enough time to enjoy and look at all the luxury and beauties that Days of Elegance has to offer.

Entrance fees Days of Elegance 2023

To guarantee the exclusivity of Days of Elegance, a limited number of tickets are available every day, 3000 to be exact. The prices for an entrance ticket start at €50 per day.

Parking at Days of Elegance 2023

Days of Elegance has 4 parking areas. These are: Classic & Supercar parking, VIP parking, Adelante Parking, and Valkenier Parking. The costs of the car parks are €10 per day. Are you parked at Valkenier? Then there is the option to take a shuttle bus