November 1 (All Saints Day) OPEN - Sunday November 7 EXTRA OPEN from 12:00 to 16:00

Wim Hakkesteegt

Wim Hakkesteegt (year of birth: 1962) mechanic.


Me and my wife used to do sidecar crosses. For this sport we had a bright yellow Ford Transit where I was driving and my wife was in the sidecar. We loved it, especially to be able to do something like that together. This is what we have done for a number of years. Actually, we never had our own car because it was not necessary. Everything was accessible for us by bike. When we had cars, we used them purely for our sport.


I have studied electronics for 4 years at the LTS Gorinchem. I started working right after school, but after 2 months I found out that electricity was nothing for me. I then overhauled starters and dynamo’s for 4 years. After these 4 years I have worked for a motorcycle shop for 17.5 years. I did pretty much everything here. I worked in the workshop, the store with motors and I sold motorcycle clothing. My passion is the revision of motors.


My dream car is a black MGA. I think it's important that a car is neatly built, so the colour does not matter much to me. I rather prefer to see a yellow, red or green MGA that is nicely built than a not neatly finished black MGA.