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Thijs Paijmans

Thijs Paijmans (year of birth: 1989) quality inspector.

I bought my first car when I was 20 years old. It is a gray Mitsubishi Colt from 2003. When I was 24 I bought a black Solex from 1958. It is a simple moped and I have never had problems with it. It always works well and that is what I like about it.It has never stalled on me.

I went to school at the ROC in Tilburg and the education I followed was 1st automotive engineer. This study lasted 4 years and I of course completed it. I immediately started working at E & R Classics after school. I now work there for many years already. I began as mechanic and now my function is quality inspector.

My dream car is an Austin Healey MK2a. The most beautiful combination of colour in my opinion is black with a red interior.