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Remi Lagache

Remi Lagache (year of birth: 1989) international salesman.

The first car I bought is a blue Volkswagen Golf 2 from 1991. I was 21 when I bought this car and still have it. I wanted a perfect car, but quite cheap. He therefore only cost me € 600. It is a very good car for the amount of money it cost me.

I went to the business school near Bordeaux. This education lasted 5 years and I got my master degree here. After this I traveled to California to work for a French company that makes saddles and halters for horses. I was salesman here and have done this for almost 2 years. I chose to go to California, because there was a possibility to go there and I did not want to miss this opportunity. However I wanted to return to Europe to do the same job, but closer to my homeland France. Unfortunately, the horse market is completely different in Europe than in California and so I started following my 2nd passion: classic cars. I now work at E & R Classics as international salesman.

My dream car is a dark blue BMW E30. I would like a car in which I can drive safely and with comfort and I think that this car meets those requirements.