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Lorenzo Beekmans

Lorenzo Beekmans (year of birth: 1990) mechanic

My very first car was a black Volkswagen Golf 4 from 2003. I was 17.5 years old when I bought this car and was able to independently drive it when I was 18, which of course I immediately did! I thought it was wonderful, it was a feeling of freedom while driving the car. I had bought this car from family and I have owned it for 6 years.

I studied mechatronics at the ROC in Tilburg, which took 4 years. After school I worked for 7.5 years at Abemec as tractor mechanic. At the time I lived in a small village and therefore started working in agriculture, because I used to live with that. After this I started working at E & R Classics.

My favourite car and so my dream car is a Ford Mustang from 1967. Preferably in black or red, because those are the colours that belong to a mustang according to me. I love them because they look so cool.