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Julian Vos

Julian Vos (year of birth: 1997) mechanic & driver

The very first car I bought was a black Peugeot 106. I was 18 years old and drove it immediately when I had my driver's license. I have used the car for about 3 to 4 months when I encountered the beautiful BMW e30 which I still own today. I fell in love with this car and wanted to drive and enjoy it as soon as possible.

I did the truck driver training at the Koning Willem 1 college in Den Bosch. I completed this training in only 1.5 years, which I really liked, since I could start working immediately. And so, my first job as truck driver was at E. Van Wijk where I worked for 2.5 years. After this job I started working at E & R Classics, where my function is assistant mechanic & driver. I think it's wonderful to be working with classic cars, but I think it's even better to deliver them to people's homes. I kind of feel like Santa Claus, because it is as if I always bring presents.

My dream car is surely a red BMW m3 with a black interior.