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John Bogers

John Bogers (year of birth: 1967) mechanic / welder.


I was 17 years old when I bought an orange BMW from 2002 for myself. I bought it as a wreck and restored it with my father. I was very proud of 'my' BMW and so I often drove with it. I was member for four years of the BMW CS club and wrote a report about my self-restored car. This report was introduced in the club’s own magazine and of course I thought it was fantastic. Later on I sold this BMW to a friend and repaired it together when needed.


I studied welding/metal works at the LTS in Rucphen and I graduated here after 4 years of studying. I wanted to start working immediately after school and that's how I worked for 20 years in several jobs as a metal worker. I have now been working for many years in this educational company where my passion matches perfectly.


My dream car is a BMW CS from 1971. I think it's a beautiful car and have always liked BMW’s. I still own 2 today.