Sunday October 3 (German Unity Day) EXTRA OPEN (12:00-16:00)

Jeroen Lucas

Jeroen Lucas (year of birth: 1981) mechanic


The first car I bought was when I was 18 years old: a red Opel Kadett from 1985. I bought this car thinking ‘it only stays for a short time’ and that was true. I owned the car for only half a year just to practice driving. After this one I bought a white Volkswagen Golf from 1990 and I have had it for a much longer time.

I have studied for 2 years as 1st mechanic, 2 years as technical specialist and also another 2 years of workshop management at the MBO Radius college in Breda. After 6 years at school I still wanted to continue studying and so I followed another 4 years of automotive engineering at the HTS in Arnhem. After these 10 years of studying, I wanted to start working. That is how I started at a Volkswagen dealer as mechanic. I have worked here for 6 years and then I was workshop manager for 12 years. I now work here at E & R Classics for a long time as mechanic.

My dream car is a black Corvette C1 from 1963 with a black interior.