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Ben Jaworski

Ben Jaworski (year of birth: 1980) retailer and photographer


My first car was a black Mustang Coupe from 1970 with a black interior. I was 18 when I bought this car for myself, I loved it! I have used the Mustang for everyday trips, but also to go on holidays with. And so, I went to France, Germany, the Czech Republic and to Austria. On every holiday, wherever I went, dozens of photos were taken by people on the street. I was really proud then, because of course it is a very cool car to see!


I studied for 5 years at the Engineering School. At home I have always had a garage with, at the time, fairly modern cars. Now a days those are classic cars. I have always enjoyed being involved in the technology that classic cars have to offer us. I quit since I moved to the Netherlands, where I have been living for 10 years now. I have been working here at E & R Classics since 2016 as retailer and photographer.


I actually have 2 dream cars, a Corvette C1 from 1956 and an Austin Healey also from 1956. I like them both in black with a black interior.