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Bas van Luxemburg

Bas van Luxembourg (year of birth: 1957) mechanic

The first car I owned was a red Fiat 128 from 1972. I bought it when I was 18 and have used it for only a few months. It will always remain a special car for me, because I will never forget my first car. After these few months I bought a red Ford Escort from 1978.

I studied electrical engineering at the LTS in Geertruidenberg for 4 years. After my studies I started working at garage Janssens in Breda as mechanic. I have done this for 8 years, but I wanted to continue studying even further during my job. And so, in the evenings I studied 1st and 2nd mechanic for trucks and cars for 6 years at the Streekschool Breda. After my job at Janssens I started working at Toyota in Meeuwen for 2 years. After this I have worked for 24 years as mechanic at an agricultural mechanization & truck company in Dussen. I then started working at Lex Classics as a mechanic. After 13 years at Lex Classics I began working at E & R Classics.

I think a Jeep Wrangler JK is a beautiful car, so this would be one of my dream cars. I really love an Aston Martin DB2 from 1955. I think they are magnificent in black with a red interior.