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A lot of our customers (private customers as well as professional dealers) buying our cars based on the photogallery and videos on our website. The procedure to buy is easy:
1. Take your time to look at the photos of the cars on our website. Each advertised car has at least 60 photos, including a clear description and information about the condition of the car. If you have any questions please contact us. We speak English, German, French and Dutch.

2. When you have decided to buy a car, please send an e-mail to with your confirmation, mentioning your full name, address and telephone number. Please also mention if you want us to arrange transport or if you will pick up the car yourself. After we receive your confirmation, we will send you a sales-invoice. You will find all necessary bank account information on the invoice.

3. After receipt of your payment on our bank account we will send you a payment confirmation e-mail. International payments within Europe usually takes about 3 business days. Before transport we will perform a final check on each car (except for restoration cars). After this final check the car is ready for transport (most cars are picked up by our forwarder each friday). In case you have chosen to pick up the car yourself, you may choose to let us store the car in our warehouse for one month at no cost.

4. The amount of time it takes to transport your car depends on factors such as the length of travel to destination and the time of the year (because of truckloads-combination). More than 90% of the cars are delivered within one week. The official documents of the car will be handed over to you personally by the truckdriver at the delivery of the car. The truckdriver will call you a few hours prior to arrival.
Below you will find an indication of transport costs for one car to several destinations in Europe.
All destinations are possible, this is just an indication for transport costs.
Antwerp  150 Barcelona  900 Bordeaux     700 Bruxelles  200
Frankfurt    400 Geneve     700 Hamburg     400 Lille         250
Lisbao        1250 London/UK   800 Luxembourg 400 Lyon        700
Madrid       1100 Milano      700 Monaco       900 Munchen  600
Nice           900 Paris        400 Roma       1050 Sevilla        1150
Wien        750      
All destinations worldwide possible. Please ask for a quote. Car will be delivered to your door.

For exact transportcosts to your destination please contact:
Ernest Praag: +31 416 751393

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